When all is said and done, Leadership Unplugged - leadership stripped back to basics - is all about what is said. This ground-breaking book argues that what senior executives do should rest squarely on what they say, and therefore meaningful strategic conversations must be the goal.Leadership Unplugged calls on senior executives to build organizations that are a network of conversations - between employees, employers, suppliers and customers. It calls on executives actively to influence the debates, discussions and dialogues they happen to be in right now.In this deeply researched yet practical work, the authors build an innovative model of senior executive behaviour as strategic conversation. Using a unique Leadership Unplugged framework, developed and tested with hundreds of executives over the past four years, the authors explore how a dozen global firms have tackled the art and science of strategic conversations. The book's concluding call to action - to listen furiously - is a critical element of the Leadership Unplugged philosophy.

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