TURN EVEN THE MOST STRESSFUL SITUATION INTO AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAMPeople aren't born to be high-performing leaders; instead, they need to learn to develop the time-proven characteristics of great leadership. Leadership When the Heat's On shows you how to acquire these characteristics, motivate your people, and achieve remarkable results across your organization-particularly during times of change and stress.This quick-hitting, hands-on rulebook is chock-full of hard-won advice and action steps for keeping your cool under pressure and inspiring incredible performance from your team. You'll see how to:Start turning problems into opportunities that can enhance your careerPractice humanagement-using the job to develop the person while having fun in the processOvercome your team's roadblocks to goal achievementDevelop an organization with free-flowing, two-way communication, from top-to-bottomKnow the signs of low morale, take immediate action to counteract the causes, and make strategic plans to keep spirits from falling againEncourage inspired thinking by relaxing old rules of conformity and publicly recognizing new ideasLeadership When the Heat's On prepares you to meet all leadership challenges, whether anticipated or unexpected.

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