Warning: This book will change the way you lead and succeedno excuses!Theres no accountability! You probably say it every time your people fail to deliver the results on which youve staked enormous resourcesnot to mention your reputation. And youre probably right. The lack of accountability is one of the greatest drags on any business.Leadership Without Excuses helps you take control of this chronic problem and launch a leadership program focuses on engaging employees, executing strategy, and managing ethics and liability. The authors explain how to achieve this first by dividing your workforce into three neat categories: Saints, employees who perform well under any conditions Sinners, the lost causes who dont belong in a work environment to begin withSave-ables, the vast majority of any workforce, whose performance depends on the quality of their leaderThe authors then arm you with know-how for instilling a sense of accountability in the Save-ables. Youll immediately notice a dramatic increase in employee performance, making it easier to ensure SOX compliance, align the workforce with a new strategy, increase sales, or turn around problem teams. This game-changing guide helps end the excuses and puts your people on the path to quick, effective, and continuous success.

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