There are so many different ways to become a millionaire. Yet there is only one way that truly works--your way! No matter who you are, you already have all the tools you need to become wealthy. Now, The Learning Annex Presents the Millionaire Code will show you how.The Learning Annex Presents the Millionaire Code offers a fresh, new psychological approach to building wealth and retiring rich. Author Paul Farrell has created a personality profiling system to help you discover the type of millionaire you really are. Once you're in sync with your true personality type, you'll quickly understand your individual strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus your efforts on becoming a millionaire.Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Learning Annex Presents the Millionaire Code clearly shows you how to create a personal road map for success. Along the way, it will also:* Detail a simple self-test that will enable you to identify the four distinguishing factors in your millionaire's code* Help you discover your true character and mission in life, fulfill your dreams, and get rich in spirit and in fact* Provide a valuable overview of the history and science supporting personality profiling* And much moreThere is no "one way" to become a millionaire because no two people are alike. Your way is the only real way--and you will find it within these pages. With The Learning Annex Presents the Millionaire Code as your guide, you'll discover the real you and learn how to unleash the millionaire within.

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