Learn what you need to know about wine-in a single evening!Though more and more Americans enjoy wine each year, many still feel intimidated by the subject. The image of the wine snob - swirling glass in hand, taking luxurious sniffs, and spouting obscure factoids about the vintage - persists, making the rest of us feel lost in a seemingly elite world.In fact, anyone and everyone can appreciate wine. The Learning Annex Presents the Pleasure of Wine is a straightforward guide that squeezes a seminar's worth of information into a book and answers questions such as:* What are the different types of wine?* What kinds of wine come from France, Italy, North America, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, and South America?* How do I taste wine, and how do I pair wine with food?* What are some fun ways to integrate wine into my life?Full of sidebars and other special features, The Learning Annex Presents the Pleasure of Wine gives you the tools and knowledge you need to select, judge, and enj oy wine - and all in a single night's reading!

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