What's the best strategy for coping with a hangover while trying to control a class of 35 screaming kids? How can you get out of the Catch 22 situation whereby you're overtired but have work piled up and so find yourself working ever later into the night? What should you do if the training salary is nowhere near enough to pay the bills, but there is barely enough time to complete the course, let alone to take on a part time job?These are questions that you will not find answered in standard course texts, but you will in this book. While on the training course I was dedicated to two things - gaining my teaching qualification and researching the potential problems faced by trainees. I went to the pub not to get drunk or to watch West Brom v Spurs and play pool, but to find out what the effects would be on my teaching the next day. Similarly, I took a part time job not because I needed the money (though it was nice), but just to see whether it was physically possible to magic another eight hours from an already overcrowded weekly diary. Finally, I even went to great lengths to discover whether it's possible to undertake life changing events while planning for a week in school. Admittedly I bottled out of my initial plan for a gender reassignment, but I did manage to fit a wedding into the course, even going into school just a day after my nuptials. Now that's what I call dedication.Jon Barbuti

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