Leave a Light on for Jesus is a fictional story although some of its origins are based on my upbringing. The book is dedicated to my late sister, Pat, who suffered terribly during her short lifetime. Poor Erin Dooley never had a chance in life. Physically punished by bullying Christian Brothers at school, savagely beaten at home he was fated to become a victim. When his father kills Erin's sister Cathy, by beating her to death, Erin suffers a mental collapse and is sent to a psychiatric hospital. He reinvents himself (and his past) and goes to London, where he is taken by a Catholic priest to a nearby care home. There the abuse continues. Father David, the socalled benefactor, is a pedophile who sexually coerces Erin, encouraging his downward spiral into drink, drugs and homosexuality. Archie and Nick, already themselves victims of Father David's perversions, befriend Erin and they all leave the care home to embark on a career of professional male prostitution, when more, and even greater tragedies, are to follow. POOR ERIN NEVER STOOD A CHANCE IN LIFE... This book is a horrifying tale of a young life destroyed by misfortune and abuse from violent and perverted adults, and is not a story for the fainthearted.

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