Lesbian Love 2 is the second collection of sapphic stories written by some of today's best erotic authors and brought to you by Xcite Books. Stories include: Panties Not Included - Cameo Brown Kimmy and Tuesday are two college students whose discovery of their immediate chemistry over a panty-filled bin at the local mall turns into an afternoon of erotic fulfilment. Kimmy is having a bad day until Tuesday, a violet-eyed beauty who awakens her deepest needs, interrupts her panty shopping and changes her life forever. After an afternoon pleasing and exploring each other's desires, an unexpected, breathless revelation releases Kimmy from the past and allows her to embrace the possibility of lusty, happy togetherness with her new lover, panties not included. Painting the Flat - Fulani: Janine wants to decorate her new flat when she moves in, and gets help - and more - from someone she's only ever seen from afar. What starts with painting the walls ends with screaming passion that involves a reel of gaffer tape and scissors. Foot Chase - Lynn Lake: Investigative reporter and inveterate foot-fetisher Mary-Lou Stride is on and all over the case when first pantyhose, then stockings, then sexy designer shoes are stolen. She pulls out all the stops, and female peds she can get her covetous little hands on along the way, doing the dedicated legwork necessary to bring the toe-teasing culprit to justice, Stride-style. In Clover - Elizabeth Coldwell: Rebecca's colleagues think she will be horrified when they take her to an exclusive gentlemen's club and buy her a lap dance. What they don't realise is Rebecca loves girls, particularly pretty blonde submissive girls like dancer Clover. And when Clover offers to give Rebecca a private dance, she simply can't resist. Lost - Antonia Adams: On the way to meet her dominatrix lover, Liz, Joanne's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and she takes a short-cut across fields. Before long she is hopelessly lost and stops to ask a girl driving a tractor the way. Karla offers to drive her to the rendezvous. On the way, Joanne realises her relationship with Liz is over - she's more domineering than dominatrix - and the sparks flying between her and Karla are far greater. The two women head back to Karla's for a hot night of passion neither of them will forget. History - Korben Rushe: On her birthday, Samantha receives a shocking blast from the past in the post: a very kinky photograph that comes with an intimate message. It's from her old university professor, Roz Cartwright upon whom Samantha has always had a massive crush. A weekend 'catch-up' on the Devon coast, where Roz is now analysing fossilised prehistoric life, is too much for Samantha to resist as she prays for long-awaited sexual fulfilment and for history not to repeat itself.

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