A fascinating and erotic look at a possible future in which Ursula Deedes is a lady with a mission: to clean up Britain's crime rate and give the criminals a lesson they will never forget! As leader of the Radical Action Party, Ursula forcefully puts her views forward - as well as carrying them out at home with strict parental discipline! The campaigning is long and hard, with every part of Ursula's life up for media attention. Her own daughter bravely goes on TV to talk about the discipline as does one of her supporters, Julie, a victim of anal rape. Little does Ursula know the same fate awaits her as she leaves a nursing home late one night... Finally the Radical Action Party is swept into power with an overwhelming majority and Ursula takes her rightful place as head of a new Government committed to pain! And so, with the Radical Action Party firmly in power, the courts begin to hand out firm sentences to offenders. New detention centres are set up and new staff are recruited and carefully trained to give the painful lessons required.

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