The Lewis and Clark expedition was the greatest camping trip in history. It was one of those irresistible American adventures that many people dream of living. This book shares the delightful details of the journey that historians have gleaned from the groups journals and maps, and also discusses whats known of the Indian perspective of the expedition.Throughout the book, you find out about Jeffersons western exploration from his earliest efforts to see the Corps assembled through the aftermath for the explorers, the tribes, and the United States. But the focus of Lewis & Clark For Dummies is on the period between Jeffersons confidential letter to Congress requesting dollars to mount a western exploration (January 18,1803) and the expeditions triumphant (and improbable) return to St. Louis (September 23, 1806): forty-two months that changed the world.Join Lewis and Clark as they recruit the Corps of Discovery, meet Sacagawea and various Indian tribes, and set off along the Missouri River on a thrilling, perilous journey. Lewis & Clark For Dummies also covers the following topics and more:The expeditions people and placesJeffersons fascination with the WestFinal preparations of Meriwether LewisWeathering storms to launch the expeditionThe discomforts and dangers of the journeyMaking maps and writing reportsA first look at the Pacific OceanThe story of Lewis and Clark doesnt end with their return to St. Louis. This book will also lead you on an exploration of the fates and lessons of the Corps of Discovery. Find out what happened to Lewis, Clark, and many other key players after their famous journey. And examine the aftermath for the American Indians and the political and cultural ramifications for the United States. Youll even find the resources you need to plan your own recreation of the expedition as you take the Trail yourself!

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