Sixteen year old Francoise is running messages for the Resistance during the Second World War when she is captured by the Germans and taken to the terrifying Fresnes prison. Questioned and tortured by the Gestapo, she fears for her life, until she catches the attention of one of her senior interrogators who eventually smuggles her out to an isolated farmhouse deep in the French countryside, where he makes her his slave. Forced to wear strange rubber clothing, Francoise is beaten daily and kept in strict and complicated bondage for hours and sometimes days at a time. All this on the orders of her benefactor, the mysterious Gestapo officer, 'H', who visits regularly to inflict bizarre sexual ordeals and tortures on his young and lovely captive! This tale, translated directly from the original French manuscript and reported to be based on fact, gives the reader a rare glimpse into another time, another world, and the strange, twisted mind of a Gestapo officer who falls in 'lust' with the pretty young French girl who finds herself at his mercy!

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