"The LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices, to which I was proud to contribute, has found solid acceptance in the international licensing community. The new volume of Licensing Best Practices maintains this high standard. It was designed to be complementary to its predecessor and broadens the scope of the scholarship. Standing alone, Licensing Best Practices is a valuable source of contemporary information. In combination with The LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices, we have a very valuable source of insights and practical knowledge."Heinz Goddar Partner Boehmert & Boehmert"Few if any other intellectual property references lay the required geographic foundation for the scientific, business, and legal issues presented. Goldscheider and Gordon demonstrate that tech transfer occurs in a global arena. The book lives up to its title: Licensing Best Practices."James E. Malackowski President & CEO, Ocean Tomo, LLC past president, LES-USA & CanadaAn invaluable complement to the field's acclaimed book on licensing best practicesSpanning the globe, from Scandinavia to Japan and Mexico to Korea, Licensing Best Practices provides a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for professionals in licensing and technology management. Featuring contributions from some of the most highly regarded LESI professionals, this definitive guide includes detailed discussions on some of the hottest topics in licensing, including:Licensing and Technology Transfer to ChinaSoftware Licensing as a Driver of the Indian EconomySecrets of Successful Dealmaking in AsiaLicensing in Scandinavia-Home of Entrepreneurial Inventors, Industrialists, and PhilanthropistsGlobal Innovation and Licensing Opportunities on the InternetEnergy and Environment Driving Technology and LicensingLicensing NanotechnologyAssuring Royalty Compliance in High Technology LicensingIntellectual Property Allocation Strategies in Joint VenturesApplications of Game Theory to IP Royalty Negotiations

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