With the diverse array of career opportunities for psychologists, this book offers a contemporary career guide for graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as interns and new psychologists, seeking employment opportunities in the field of psychology and beyond. The book outlines options within the two 'traditional' areas in which psychologists have gained employment: academia/research and clinical practice (private, forensic, military, correction etc.). About half the chapters are then devoted to new roles for psychologists, whose skills are being sought in areas diverse as public health, business/management, market research and software development. Each chapter is written by a psychologist who has embarked on a highly successful career related to their academic background. Personal tips are given about training, professional development, and making the transition from graduate student to professional. The book concludes with practical materials to assist a new psychologist in networking, writing a curriculum vitae, interviewing and searching for jobs. Statistical data on the employment and job satisfaction of new graduates are included.

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