From busting to boosting! Life-strategist, and sports consultant Pete Cohen shows you how to give your life a boost, and keep it high, with simple strategies that will continue the success of Habit Busting and Fear Busting.Do you sometimes feel your life is filled with 'shoulds' and 'ought-tos' and somewhere along the way you feel you've lost yourself? Life D.I.Y. will guide you in examining whether the life you lead is really the life you want.It will help you observe yourself and make the changes you think are needed. With advice to help you through tough times, Life D.I.Y. will help you uncover the real you.A life lived true to yourself is one that is fulfilling, enriching and exotic. Start your D.I.Y. today!Pete Cohen has a personality and skill that can changes people's lives. He brings his skills, experiences and reputation alive in his books to motivate everyone and anyone into a better way of life.

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