The seventeenth century was the century of Saint Augustine. In 1695, Louis Sebastien, Le Nain de Tillemont, finished volume 13 of his 'Memoires ecclesiastique,' entitled 'La vie de saint Augustin.' The volume consisted of approximately 1200 pages wherein Louis Sebastien gathered from the works of Augustine and elsewhere all extant passages relevant to the biography of Augustine of Hippo. Completed in 1695, the biography was published posthumously in 1700. The work lies in the tradition of Jansenism from Port-Royal and the Leuven. Though an ascetic recluse on the family estate for the last twenty years of his life, he was in touch with important French scholars and the ecclesiastical movements of his time. Louis' work is the first modern biography of Augustine and the most comprehensive of all Augustinian biographies, even today. Modern authors consult him and frequently adopt his theories without citation. His method exercises influence on contemporary Parisian scholarship on Augustine. This English translation has been divided into three volumes covering three time periods: part 1: birth to episcopal consecraton (354-396); part 2: the Donatist controversy (396-411); part 3: the Pelagian controversy (411-430).

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