Discover Jesus-Son of Man, Son of GodWhen Jesus healed, jaws dropped and eyes opened wide. And when He taught, ears and hearts burned at His wisdom. Even His closest friends wondered, "What kind of man is this?"Get up close and personal with Jesus, His teachings, and what they mean for you today. The Smart Guide to the Bible: The Life of Christ takes you on location so you can absorb the historical and prophetic context into which Jesus was born, lived, died, came alive again, and ascended to His rightful place in heaven.You'll gain greater evidence of the historical Jesus-and a deeper relationship with the Savior of your soul.Be Smart About:Jesus's Life, Death, and ResurrectionThe Deity of Christ Jesus's Teachings & ParablesThe Kingdom of GodRedemptionThe Harmony of the GospelsThe Geopolitics of Jesus's Day And More!

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