Building on the work of eminent thinkers and scholars in the areas of emotional intelligence and whole-mind thinking, Marcia Hughes has successfully introduced a new way to connect with your core strengths and values, balance productivity and reflection and fully integrate passion with action. Life's 2% Solution: Simple Steps to Achieve Happiness and Balance presents a field-tested process and proven techniques for fully integrating your professional and spiritual selves. Filled with first-hand experiences of people whose lives have been turned around by the 2% Solution, this book shows you how to personalize an action plan based on your individual needs, use your strengths to guide you, cope with changes, apply your plan in the workplace and work toward the final goal of self-actualization. "A straightforward guide to personal fulfillment through balancing and taking control of one's life...a motivational, easy-to-use guide to overcoming fear, sloth and personal shortcomings in just 30 minutes a day." Midwest Book Review CONTENTS Your Espirit d'Core: Connecting with Your Core Wisdom Making It Yours: Creating a 10-Step Action Plan Experience the "Ah-ha": Parlaying Strengths Into Success Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Art of Self-Reflection Pursue "Passionate Equilibrium": Simplicity as a Solution Facing Change: Liberating Your Dragons Learning from Others: Pinpointing Your Personal 2% Solution Zap the Map: Integrate Your Mind, Body, and Soul Authentic Leader: Your 2% Solution at Work Sing from Your Spirit: The Key to Self-Actualization

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