The development of a direct, inexpensive, and efficient method for converting solar energy into a portable, clean fuel would allow elimination of the growing problems associated with the ever increasing use of fossil fuels and the reality of their rapid depletion. As the title suggests, Light, Water, Hydrogen: The Solar Generation of Hydrogen by Water Photoelectrolysis, considers the combination of water and light with a suitable semiconductor to achieve a safe, renewable and therefore inexhaustable means for hydrogen generation via the splitting of the water molecule, or photoelectrolysis. The authors consider the impact of recent advances in nanotechnology on the water photoelectrolysis field, providing specific examples as well as the theories and methods necessary for achieving useful water photoelectrolysis systems. Written for users in a wide range of disciplines, including materials scientists, chemists, electrical engineers, and physicists, Light, Water, Hydrogen: The Solar Generation of Hydrogen by Water Photoelectrolysis is an up-to-date, invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers.

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