Is a little madness really so bad? Do we all possess that certain something that can try our patience to the point of menace? Look inside the secret mind of a woman scorned, dejected and teetering on the edge of lunacy. A woman whose eyes conceal a mind of menace and intrigue. Lilian Snipe will be seen, heard and much more. She's a lady who can hold a grudge with the derision and power of a thousand tempers, and a woman never to be crossed. She resides in a secret place only known to her closest associate - Lucy Delamarney, a young woman with a sad and precious past who finds life too challenging without the protective companionship of her bizarre and extraordinary confidante. Two personalities, drawn together by events that would change their lives and those around them forever. Kind, loveable Lucy, dangerously led by a woman intent on self-destruction. With a mind full of misdemeanour and an ambush at every turn, Lilian's hatred for all who come between her and Lucy results in barrage of wickedness and mistrust. She controls Lucy with a startling authority that leads as far as attempted murder and a multitude of broken hearts from the men who adore Lucy.

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