The sequel to 'Lilian's Entrapment'. Lilian has become a totally submissive plaything to the evil Willingham, the aged Lee-Hyde and their servant Everton. She endures all manner of punishments and degradations, including being loaned out to others, made to perform before invited audiences and being sentenced to a term of 'imprisonment' in the local jail, where she is used and abused by the Inspector and the police officers for an entire 24 hours. That particular ordeal instils in Lillian a fervent desire to please her masters, she will do anything to avoid enduring that particular ordeal again! All thoughts of escape, of living an independent life outside this one of constant sexual abuse, chains, punishment and incarceration in the cellar, have gone, to be replaced by total submission. Along with her partners in servitude, Lilian has become the perfect obedient slave.

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