There are limits to business development and economic growth. With the help of modern production and information technologies, companies are coming ever closer to the limits of what can be achieved. Ultimately nothing can be done in less than no time and at less than no cost, and in more cases than we may think development in the past has pursued time and cost as the main goals. This will pose a tremendous challenge to business practice and to economic theory, since the main avenues of business development and economic growth used in the past will be closed. The author argues that there are still solutions to this dilemma. There are numerous new ways in which we can create new business opportunities and new economic growth. Consumers have a key role in this development and entrepreneurs as well as multinationals may use the new situation to develop new business.We now need to find areas of competitive advantage that have not yet been fully exploited. This book presents both the problems and the solutions in an accessible way for experts and non-experts alike.

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