Your hands-on guide to real-world applications of linear algebraDoes linear algebra leave you feeling lost? No worries this easy-to-follow guide explains the how and the why of solving linear algebra problems in plain English. From matrices to vector spaces to linear transformations, you'll understand the key concepts and see how they relate to everything from genetics to nutrition to spotted owl extinction.Line up the basics discover several different approaches to organizing numbers and equations, and solve systems of equations algebraically or with matricesRelate vectors and linear transformations link vectors and matrices with linear combinations and seek solutions of homogeneous systems Evaluate determinants see how to perform the determinant function on different sizes of matrices and take advantage of Cramer's ruleHone your skills with vector spaces determine the properties of vector spaces and their subspaces and see linear transformation in actionTackle eigenvalues and eigenvectors define and solve for eigenvalues and eigenvectors and understand how they interact with specific matricesOpen the book and find:Theoretical and practical ways of solving linear algebra problemsDefinitions of terms throughout and in the glossaryNew ways of looking at operationsHow linear algebra ties together vectors, matrices, determinants, and linear transformationsTen common mathematical representations of Greek lettersReal-world applications of matrices and determinants

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