This undergraduate textbook is written for a junior/senior level course on linear optimization. Unlike other texts, the treatment follows the 'modified Moore method' approach in which examples and proof opportunities are worked into the text in order to encourage students to develop some of the content through their own experiments and arguments while they are reading the text. Additionally, the focus is on the mathematics underlying the ideas of optimizing linear functions under linear constraints and the algorithms used to solve them. In particular, the author uses the Simplex Algorithm to motivate these concepts. The text progresses at a gentle and inviting pace. The presentation is driven by examples and illustrations. Ample exercises are provided at the end of each chapter for mastering the material.The instructor's version of the text contains solutions embedded within the text, rather than in an appendix. It also has extra material and suggestions for the teachers benefit. Junior/senior level undergraduate students will benefit from the book. Future secondary school mathematics teachers will also find this book useful.

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