This book presents in-depth surveys and systematic discussions on models, algorithms and applications for link mining. Link mining is an important field of data mining. Traditional data mining focuses on 'flat' data in which each data object is represented as a fixed-length attribute vector. However, many real-world data sets are much richer in structure, involving objects of multiple types that are related to each other. Hence, recently link mining has become an emerging field of data mining, which has a high impact in various important applications such as text mining, social network analysis, collaborative filtering, and bioinformatics. At present, there are no books in the market focusing on the theory and techniques as well as the related applications for link mining. On the other hand, due to the high popularity of linkage data, extensive applications ranging from governmental organizations to commercial businesses to peoples daily life call for exploring the techniques of mining linkage data; people need such a reference book to systematically apply the link mining techniques to these applications to develop the related technologies. Therefore, such a book is in high demand on the market.

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