Your one-stop guide to Linux--fully revised and expandedGet in-depth coverage of all Linux features, tools, and utilities from this thoroughly updated and comprehensive resource, designed for all Linux distributions. Written by Linux expert Richard Petersen, this book explains how to get up-and-running on Linux, use the desktops and shells, manage applications, deploy servers, implement security measures, and handle system and network administration tasks. With full coverage of the latest platform, Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition includes details on the very different and popular Debian (Ubuntu) and Red Hat/Fedora software installation and service management tools used by most distributions. This is a must-have guide for all Linux users. Install, configure, and administer any Linux distributionWork with files and folders from the BASH, TCSH, and Z shellsUse the GNOME and KDE desktops, X Windows, and display managersSet up office, database, Internet, and multimedia applicationsSecure data using SELinux, netfilter, SSH, and KerberosEncrypt network transmissions with GPG, LUKS, and IPsec Deploy FTP, Web, mail, proxy, print, news, and database serversAdminister system resources using HAL, udev, and virtualization (KVM and Xen)Configure and maintain IPv6, DHCPv6, NIS, networking, and remote accessAccess remote files and devices using NFSv4, GFS, PVFS, NIS, and SAMBA

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