Its a thumbs-up for this movie-inspiredguide to learning SpanishPop in a movie in your DVD playerTurn on the Spanish soundtrack in the DVD optionsmenuOpen up Listen n Learn Spanish with Your FavoriteMovies, and relax as you learn core Spanishvocabulary and phrasesIt is as easy as that to learn thousands of essentialSpanish terms and expressions. You follow alongusing the book to decipher difficult Spanish passageswhile watching (and listening!) to a movies Spanishsoundtrack. Listen n Learn Spanish with Your FavoriteMovies features comprehensive language notes andtranslations for:The Fox and the Hound, March of the Penguins,The Absent-Minded Professor, Tarzan, EightBelow, Home Alone, Holes, Rocky III, Eragon,Hoosiers, The Chronicles of Narnia, The PrincessBride, Anne of Green Gables, Finding Nemo, TheIncredibles, and Mary Poppins.These films are all family favorites and can be easilyrented from Netflix or other rental stores.

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