For the first time a volume integrates stylistics with the most recent advances in discourse analysis, cognition, computers and media studies and shows how this can work in the classroom. Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners is of value to a wide variety of contexts. Contributors include some of the most prominent scholars in the field, working in five continents. They indicate how theory, empirical studies and classroom applications can work in many different EFL and ESL contexts. Here the reader will discover what lies in store for stylistic research and application; the volume is a must for those who want to help readers acquire the necessary skills for interpreting literary texts in a more systematic way. It should be of use to undergraduate students beginning their studies in stylistics and/or teacher-training, teachers who would like to see how stylistics works in the classroom, arts instructors, educational administrators, and syllabus and test designers interested in keeping abreast with current developments in literary education.

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