A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. A Little Bit Of Luxury by Kitti Bernetti She likes things new and beautiful and the more luxurious the better. This just built, luxury, penthouse flat is the ultimate treat. The bed is pristine, with a soft fur cover that is too enticing for her to resist, its time to enjoy a little luxury Dancing For Women by Stephen Albrow Theres a new challenge for stripogram Lucy. Shes never danced for women before and its making her nervous. But when the music starts and the show begins she quickly finds thats its a lot more satisfying than her normal audience. Plain Jane by J. Carron A pill that makes you irresistible to men? Could it possibly be real? When youre a Plain Jane whos been missing out on all the male attention its got to be worth a try. Armed with a pack of the little blue pills and a bit of hope our Plain Jane is hoping to changing her life. Half Measures by Jeremy Edwards Stewarts Saturday night at home takes a pleasant, but unexpected turn when Millicent turns up at his door with no pants on. Lucy And The Way That It Is by Ralph Greco Jr Life gets interesting for Private Eye, Ben when the ex hes never been able to forget walks into his office and offers him a case he cant refuse. On this job the ladys the retainer and the fees are paid in regular installments. These stories have also been published in Five Minute Fantasies One

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