Saying "thanks" has no downside-write it, message it, shout it from the rooftops-it's good for the one who hears it and better for the one who says it. A Little Book of Thank Yous has a great big heart. It offers: A great thank you gift for almost any occasion, Thank you notes and quotes from historic figures and everyday people, and Mini-meditations on gratitude. Discover the power of words and the wonder of deeds. Offer thanks, receive abundance. Expressing gratitude-saying thanks-it can improve outlooks, open new vistas, and help us get along better with ourselves and others. Addie Johnson offers us gratitude thoughts to grab on the run or sit and ponder. As she says in the introduction, "Gratitude comes from the latin gratus which means both thankful and pleasing. To give thanks is to get thanks." She describes the moments of soaring gratitude, which punctuate more time as an "ingrate", and sets out to teach herself-and her readers-how to move more to the soaring feeling column. From Winston Churchill to Barack Obama, from Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Johnson draws on historical figures and everyday people-all of them saying "Thank you!"

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