Beschreibung thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. DORIS I do suppose she is a Papist! The French generally are, said Aunt Priscilla, drawing her brows in a delicate sort of frown, and sipping her tea with a spoon that had the London crown mark, and had been buried early in revolutionary times. Why, there were all the Huguenots who emigrated from France for the sake of worshiping God in their own way rather than that of the Pope. We Puritans did not take all the free-will, declared Betty spiritedly. You are too flippant, Betty, returned Aunt Priscilla severely. And I doubt if her father's people had much experimental religion. Then, she has been living in a very hot-bed of superstition! The cold, dreary Lincolnshire coast! I think it would take a good deal of zeal to warm me, even if it was superstition. And she was in a convent after her mother died! Yes, she is pretty sure to be a Papist. It seems rather queer that second-cousin Charles should have remembered her in his will. But Charles was his namesake and nephew, the child of his favorite sister, interposed Mrs

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