ANNE NELSON I don't know what I can do with you, I'm sure! declared Mistress Stoddard, looking down at the small girl who stood on her door-step gazing wistfully up at her. A man at the wharf said that you didn't have any little girls, responded the child, and so I thought - - 'Twas Joe Starkweather told you, I'll be bound, said Mrs. Stoddard. Well, he's seven of his own to fend for. Seven little girls? said Anne Nelson, in an almost terror-stricken voice, her dark eyes looking earnestly into the stern face that frowned down upon her. And what would become of them if their mother should die, and their father be lost at sea? Sure enough. You have sense, child. But the Starkweathers are all boys. Well, come in. You can take your bundle to the loft and leave it, and we'll see what I can find for you to do. How old are you? Eight last March, responded Anne. Well, a child of eight isn't much use in a house, but maybe you can save me steps. "Yes, indeed, Mistress Stoddard; I did a deal to help my father about the house

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