This beautifully illustrated monograph provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview about all fields of liver and biliary tract surgery and liver transplantation. It consists of 4 sections with 48 chapters: Section I: Anatomy, physiology, imaging and general principles, Section II: Biliary tract surgery, Section III: Liver surgery and Section IV: Liver transplantation. The book includes more than 500 figures and illustrations mostly in color. Some of the topics such as computer assisted surgery planning are treated comprehensively for the first time. It is written in a concise and well conceived way by authors working in specialized centers and university departments. It is a valuable companion for all physicians engaged with liver and biliary tract pathology and liver transplantations: general surgeons and hepatobiliary surgeons, radiologists and interventional radiologists, oncologists, endoscopic surgeons and gastroenterologists and transplant units personnel.

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