It's Your Life...Make the Most of It. God's plan for your life is perfect and if you follow His plan you will avoid most of societies stress and pain. Your life can be "Balanced" and "Complete" but the choice is up to you. EVERY person is a creation of God and has a "Purpose". This book offers the "Peace" that comes by "Living A Balanced Life" that includes a "Healthy Body", an "Inspired and Creative Mind" and an "Acceptance of God as Creator" and a source of Inspiration. This is the author's third book and focuses on individual growth and physical well-being. His last book entitled "The Incredible Investment Book" outlined the number one investment in America and focused on an individual's financial health. As a former stock broker and investment banker, the author knew there was a better way to make money than stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities, etc. His research and book present the best way to create wealth and financial security in America. Thousands attend his seminars and learn about the "Purpose" for their own creation. His two recorded talks have changed the lives of countless people as they discover and live the messages "Don't Give Up....Today Could be the Day" and "Goliath Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to David". Be prepared to be inspired, motivated and learn to "Live a Balanced Life". You are no accident and neither is this book. Both were created by one God who inspires us daily.

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