Decide whether to form an LLC or a corporation -- the most important business decision you'll make. Your company has grown -- now it's time to upgrade your legal structure to something that will protect you and your assets, as well as provide other benefits. In other words, your business is ready to become either a corporation or a limited liability company. The question is, "Which one?" The answer isn't always clear -- but because your choice will affect the legal and tax status of your business, it's the most important question you'll need to answer. LLC or Corporation? will help you make the right choice with plain-English explanations of:the basics of business entitieshow each business entity protects you from personal liabilityprofits, losses and tax treatmentconverting from one type of business entity to anotherwhat to do if you conduct business out of stateMaking the right choice will affect your bottom line in many ways -- from what you pay in taxes to your ability to seek money from investors. The book also provides conversion and formation scenarios that provide a real-world look at all the options available to you. The 4th edition has been thoroughly and usefully updated with the latest resources for business owners, an expanded discussion on choosing the right form for your business and completely updated information regarding the tax status of small business entities.

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