The crucial information you need to secure a reliable loan modification and save your homeBehind on your mortgage payments? Worried about losing your home? Don't panic. Loan Modification For Dummies gives you the reliable, authoritative, easy-to-understand guidance you need to apply for and secure a loan modification that lowers your monthly house payment and keeps you in your home. This practical, plain-English guide leads you step by step through the loan modification process, from contacting your lender to applying for a loan modification, evaluating the lender's initial offer, and negotiating a modification that lowers your monthly payment while helping you catch up on any past-due amounts. You'll learn how to communicate with your bank or loan servicer, recognize and avoid loan-modification scams, and find a knowledgeable loan modification specialist, if you choose not to do it yourself.Advice on determining whether you're likely to qualify for your lender's loan modification programGuidance on preparing and submitting a loan modification application that improves your chances of successHelps you figure out a monthly payment you really can affordTips on modifying your loan even when you owe more than your home's current market valueNegotiation advice for securing the best possible terms and lowest monthly paymentResources for contacting your lender, obtaining free or affordable third-party assistance, and getting government agencies on your sideRead Loan Modification For Dummies and start saving your home today.

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