A collection of five erotic stories with a central theme of sex in foreign places.Local Delicacy by Mariella FairheadMy husband, Luke has tried to set up threesomes several times, but there's never been a connection with the woman, an instant and powerful attraction that I just had to act on, until now that is when I first set eyes on our diving guide, Maryse. As water dripped from her tight fitting bikini, and she cast me a sexy, sultry glance, I knew things could really happen. But it would be tonight, in a bed under the moonlight, overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, that I would get my first taste of a woman, and three in a bed.Maya Gold by Catelyn CashAryas dream holiday in Mexico is in danger of being ruined by her friends drunken partying. But when she sneaks off to visit some ancient ruins she gets a glimpse of local history the guide books never mentioned and ends up at a private party much more to her liking!The Liberation Of Paris by Sylvia LowryAspiring writer Amelia moves toParis, where she is immediately cursed by writers block;theharsh realitiesoftheCityofLights seem far from her cherished dreamsofliterary success and erotic release. But when she receives a break-up letter from a long-time boyfriend, she realises a new, shameless appetite for sexual exploration. Newly liberated, walking alongthedusky streetsofthe Left Bank, she meets a French artist who offers a daring but tantalizing proposition. Can she revive her literary ambitions and live out her wildest fantasies intherandy French capital?Apres Ski Adventure by Peter BaltenspergerThis is the story of a skier in the Swiss Alps who manages to hook up with the receptionist of the hotel where he is staying. He invites her to dinner during a heavy snow day and she asks him if he would like to see her exercise room. He is delighted by the invitation to her house. He soon finds out that her so-called exercise room is something quite different from what he imagined it to be, and that the receptionist is an expert at wielding a whip.Reunion by Kate J CameronA Houston attorneys business trip turns into an exotic, erotic weekend in the lap of luxury in the Middle East. Emily Wallaces boyfriend gets a weekend pass from his duties as a Naval officer on deployment in Iraq, and surprises her on her getaway to Abu Dhabi and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Six months apart, they cannot wait to get reacquainted with each other in the most intimate of ways.

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