The midnight moon rode high in the sky above the storm clouds sweeping in from the west, and the house seemed to transmute the moonlight into something terrible and evil. The broken chimneys stretched up like hands to the heavens, the eyeless sockets of the windows staring intently along the twisting drive. There were eldritch shadows in the house. On the floor of the library at the rear of the house, the strange cabalistic designs glowed with an eerie, devilish light. There was a flickering inside the room as of corpse candles, a cold radiance, a manifestation of the aura of evil that had never left the place, which was crystallised inside its very walls. This was a house of evil, filled with THE LONELY SHADOWS of the dead! Also included in this collection are "The Seventh Image," "Shirley's Ghost," and the two Cthulhu Mythos stories, "Undersea Quest" and "Innsmouth Bane." First-rate horror by a master of the genre!

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