An amusing and exciting tale of student life in Liverpool in the Swinging Sixties. Mark is a nervous student. He is ruled by an overwhelming, irrational fear of people - particularly girls - which shows itself in a bad stammer, and a terror of heights. Fiona is the girl of his dreams, but she is in a steady relationship with a lifelong boyfriend in Scotland. Mark realises he is never going to get anywhere in life or in love unless he undergoes a complete personality change. He is befriended by Bob, who has a passion for potholing (and free love), and a plan is hatched. If Mark can beat his fear of heights - an escapade down a cave or two should sort that one - maybe he can also overcome his fear of girls and win FionaSo begins a whole series of madcap adventures, featuring a yacht race, horse riding, underground adventures in Yorkshire and Mendip caves, dances, parties and some wild and riotous student incidents, often involving too much alcohol and close shaves with the law.

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