This is the story of the Troubles in Northern Ireland told from the perspective of the British soldiers who served there between 1969 and 1998. This was a war against terrorists; a war involving sectarian hatred and violent death. The British Army was sent into Northern Ireland on August 14, 1969. This is their story in their own words. There are stories from some of the most seminal moments in the period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland - detailed accounts of firefights at Crossmaglen from the commanders on the ground at the time; an account from the first squaddie on the scene at Penny Lane after the 1988 funeral killings of the two corporals; the 1988 Ballygawley coach blast which killed 8 Light Infantrymen; Gerry Adams' 'birthday treat' at a vehicle checkpoint, and many more. The brave men and women of the Ulster Defence Regiment occupy a prominent place in the book. Wharton has compiled a vivid and unforgettable record of Northern Ireland veterans eager to tell their story. Their experiences - sad and poignant, fearful and violent, courageous, even downright hilarious - make for compelling reading. Their voices need to be heard.About the AuthorKen Wharton is a former soldier and now author of three oral histories on the Northern Ireland troubles. He is planning a further oral history of the troubles.

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