P. VuadensAssessment of Disability After Stroke P. VuadensHandicap and Quality of Life After Stroke Monica Astrom and Kjell AsplundPrognosis After Stroke: Stroke Recurrence and Other Outcome Events Jorge Moncayo-Gaete and Julien Bogousslavsky Mortality in Patients with Stroke Philip A. WolfMotor Dysfunction and Recovery Rudiger J. Seitz, Ferdinand Binkofski, and Hans-Joachim FreundRecovery from Cognitive and Behavioral Deficits Jose M. Ferro and Sofia MadureiraMood Changes and Disorders After Stroke Antonio Carota and Julien BogousslavskyVascular Dementia J. Ghika and Julien Bogousslavsky Pharmacological and Cell-Based Therapies for Stroke Recovery Dileep R. Yavagal and Seth P. FinkelsteinCost-Benefit Issues Graeme J. HankeySphincter Disturbances in Stroke Patients

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