Volume Three of the dramatic saga of the Lorimer FamilyScattered by War, but the Lorimer saga continues...The ball which Lord and Lady Glanville give for the 21st birthday of their nephew Brinsley Lorimer is a glittering social occasion in their country house, Blaize. But the year is 1914 and the telegram which summons Brinsley from the dance floor to the Western Front heralds the scattering of the Lorimer family.While Brinsleys 23-year-old sister Kate goes to Serbia to work as a doctor, Dr Margaret Lorimer converts her sisters opera house at Blaize into a military hospital.Only after the war ends is Margaret able to look into the future with hope for those of the younger generation who have survived...Lorimers at War is the third engrossing novel in the series which chronicles the lives and fortunes of the Lorimer family from the 1870s to the 1940s.

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