Every Sunday, Caro finds herself back in the place where it all began, lured there by memory, a certain guilt and all the accumulating losses to which she cannot be reconciled. Constantly dwelling on now distant events, she chooses a life of impersonal and systematic work, where long hours insulate her from the outside world. For Caro, the present is two dimensional: it is her past that is loaded with colour and scent. Sometimes she tries to force a little perspective on those early years, with a spare retelling of that terrible summer twenty years ago, when her band of three inseparable friends disintegrated forever. Estelle died two weeks after her fifteenth birthday. It was sudden, violent, explicit. Afterwards, Cormac left and never returned. Now she waits for resolution, which comes in the form of an unlikely alliance. Haunting and humane, Aifric Campbell's second novel is filled with longing, for childhood and the liberating power of friendship.

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