Her past. Pallioti tapped the files. This, he said, is how you'll find her. In Florence, a young American student goes missing. At first neither Alessandro Pallioti, one of the citys most senior policemen, nor Enzo Saenz, his deputy, are too concerned. But soon the men are horrified to discover that the older man Kristen has been spending time with is Antonio Tomaselli, a member of the notorious Red Brigades. Then, before the police can get a handle on the case, Kristen's step-mother, Anna, also vanishes. Before long Enzo finds himself enmeshed in a web of false identities, betrayed loyalties, and revenge. At its centre is Anna, a woman he is increasingly drawn to, but knows he should not trust; and at stake is the life of an eighteen year old girl. With the horrors of the past rising behind him and the womens futures hanging in the balance, Enzo Saenz is on unfamiliar ground and playing the most deadly game of his life . . . Set against the stunning backdrop of Ferrara, Rome and Florence, in the 1970s and the modern day, The Lost Daughter is at once a gripping thriller and the heartbreaking story of a desperate love affair, the consequences of which will resound for decades.

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