This book presents a comprehensive, systematic approach to the development of vision system architectures that employ sensory-processing concurrency and parallel processing to meet the autonomy challenges posed by a variety of safety and surveillance applications.  Coverage includes a thorough analysis of resistive diffusion networks embedded within an image sensor array. This analysis supports a systematic approach to the design of spatial image filters and their implementation as vision chips in CMOS technology. The book also addresses system-level considerations pertaining to the embedding of these vision chips into vision-enabled wireless sensor networks. Describes a system-level approach for designing of vision devices and  embedding them into vision-enabled, wireless sensor networks;Surveys state-of-the-art, vision-enabled WSN nodes;Includes details of specifications and challenges of vision-enabled WSNs;Explains architectures for low-energy CMOS vision chips with embedded, programmable spatial filtering capabilities;Includes considerations pertaining to the integration of vision chips into off-the-shelf WSN platforms.

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