Out of the red - and into the blue. Once-grand publishers The Whimsical Press are on their uppers but chief executive Miranda Lynch has a plan - to publish a line of bestselling erotic novels. So, if dreamy editor Lucian Swan wants to keep his job he'd better find some sexy books - fast. Though the world of the clitorati is new to Lucian, he soon gets to grips with lustful lady writers who believe in the value of hands-on research. There's angel-faced Karen Hastings, out to shaft everyone but her husband, and swivel-hipped Caroline Fitzjohn who redefines the meaning of editorial input - not to mention Marilyn Savage, the industry's most insatiable literary agent... Will Lucian pull it off? Will Blue Desire Books save the company's fortunes? And will Miranda's below-the-belt initiative bring home the coveted Baxendale Prize?

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