They're putting the male sex under the microscope, they're changing the way men think and act, they're pulling down the trousers of the male establishment. They are the cruel and beautiful mistresses of The Primrose Court and they're enforcing - Lust Under Licence. Disgraced tycoon Tom Glass lies in a hospital bed trying to recover his memory after a fall from his tenth-floor penthouse. His past envelops him in vivid erotic detail, leaving him in constant need of the tender mercies of his personal nurse. As for the present... Is he actually engaged to the silver-blonde TV weather girl who has an inventive way with his bedside equipment? Is it true his pretty but demure assistant is experimenting with a fitness regime founded on multiple orgasm? And - most significant of all - is his love-life really under investigation by the pneumatic jack-booted she-devils of the Sex Police?

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