Luxury is online but is not yet in line. Did you notice? As an industry that is known for avant-gardism, it remains a surprise that luxury is playing catch-up in embracing the e-culture and adopting technology. Luxury brands have been locked in a love-hate relationship with technology since it became apparent that the Internet is here to stay. But after two decades of the World Wide Web, this scenery ought to change. Today, the question of 'why' luxury should be online is no longer relevant but the current issue is 'how' luxury should present itself online particularly as consumers take charge of their virtual experiences. Although the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier and the Ritz Carlton are paving the way for luxury brands to move beyond the anti-internet stance, the journey remains long and challenge-ridden. As the most powerful marketing tool that will drive luxury forward in the next century, the internet has become indispensible for brand reinforcement, breaking into new territories, engaging clients and demonstrating overall value. This is both exciting and worrying and requires luxury to operate in a new world order where nothing is as it has been. What does luxury require to excel in this new world? Getting its acts together by embracing technology in all of its beauty and opportunities and adopting advanced strategies for excellence online. Luxury Online is not about exalting or crucifying luxury brands but addresses bottom-line luxury business issues in the context of the internet, digital media and new technologies. It is an eye-opener that reveals the approaches to overcoming digital luxury challenges while meeting the business requirements of the 21st century. Its recommendations will lead to long-term client affiliation, business growth and sustainable brand value, even as luxury online strives to come of age.

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