7 books in 1 - your key to taming the Panther!Your one-stop guide to setting up OS X and using the latest Panther featuresWow - a whole set of OS X guides under one cover! All the new stuff is here, like iChat AV, Fast User Switching, and all the iLife(TM) applications including iTunes??4, Expose, and the latest incarnations of the Finder(TM) and Apple Mail??. Customize your Panther, explore the digital hub, check into AirPort, and enjoy it all!The Dummies Way* Coverage of the essentials and beyond* Explanations in plain English* "Get in, get out" information* Thumbtabs and other navigation aids* Tear-out cheat sheet* A dash of humor and funDiscover how to:* Navigate OS X and run programs* Make repairs with Disk Utility* Set up multiuser accounts* Use iTunes and iPod(TM)* Expand Internet storage with iDisk* Upgrade your internal hard drive

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