Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the newest version of the Mac operating system, with extra power and additional cool features. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Just The Steps For Dummies is the quick step-by-step way to get up and running on this new beast.This down-to-basics guide features numbered steps and easy-to-follow screen shots that show you exactly how to accomplish more than 150 tasks with Snow Leopard. Youll learn to:Modify the look of the desktop and customize keyboard shortcutsCreate and manage user accountsSave energy by adjusting power settingsInstall and use the iWork productivity suiteBrowse the Internet with Safari or FirefoxDesign and publish a blog or a Web page with iWebConfigure iChat for use with GoogleTalkSet up iTunes and export songs to your iPodMake movies with iMovie and burn them to DVDsDownload photos from your camera and organize them in iPhotoConnect your Mac to a Windows networkEncrypt your files, safeguard against viruses, and install a firewallEach task is clearly presented, with step-by-step instructions and corresponding views of what youll see on the screen at each step. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Just The Steps For Dummies makes it easy to find what you want to do, and even easier to do it!

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