This book offers the representative macroeconometric models and their applications for the Japanese economy in different development stages throughout the postwar years up to the present. It presents a summary of three types of macroeconometric models and analyses:Social accounting analyses of national income and related indices — following the tradition of C Clark, S Kuznets, R Stone and World Bank Development Reports;Inter-industrial and inter-regional analyses of the Japanese economy a la W Leontief and the CGE (computable general equilibrium) type of applications to Comprehensive Development Plans;Macroeconometric model building for the Japanese economy and its applications with a survey of various models in Japan, including the historic Osaka University ISER (Institute of Social and Economic Research) model and present day Government models.As many Asian economies are going through the stages of development that Japan has experienced over the past few decades, this book will be extremely relevant to them and other developing countries as a reference for years to come.

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